What People Say About Our Products

At Gilchrist & Soames, we create all our world-class bath & body products with you in mind. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed making them for you, or at least as much as these happy customers:

“I first tried your products in 1995 at The Lodge hotel in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. I still have that small bottle of chamomile lotion! I found your products again in Monterey last month and knew I had to track you down and order some. Your lotions are my favorite product.”
E. Lee
Sunnyvale, CA
Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa
“WOW! What a sensory delight! My wife and I fell in love with the soap, shampoo and body lotion at The Driskill in Austin, Texas. We couldn't wait to get home and find your website in hopes of ordering our own supplies. We couldn't walk out with a suitcase full of the hotel supply.”
W. Hair
Austin, TX
The Driskill Hotel
“I just stayed at the Mirage Hotel in Vegas. I saw the aqua lime shampoo there and I just love it. Let me tell you I love it I love it I love it.”
A. Hufnagle
The Mirage Hotel
“My hair hasn't looked better in years; must have been your shampoo and conditioner. Thank you.”
Ventura, CA
“I used your Aqua Lime products on New Years, 2005 while visiting Las Vegas...Honestly, I couldn't wait to go back to Vegas just so I may have the pleasure of using your products once again! Finally....I got the idea to look on your Body Butter bottle and wella.......I found your web site address!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!!!”
J. Steigleder
The Mirage Hotel
“I rarely, if ever, take time out to write to a manufacturer regarding a product. In fact, this may be my first time! But there was something about your product, namely your shampoo, which I cannot live without. I have never had cleaner hair than after shampooing with your ‘ph balanced’ shampoo! As far as I’m concerned, it is, by far, the best shampoo on the international market! My hat goes off to Gilchrist & Soames!”
D. L. Brennan
Inver Grove Heights, MN
“I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your products! A favorite? It’s a toss up between the glycerin soap and the body lotion. Each day they restocked my hotel room, I took them all - couldn’t help myself.”
M. Vitabile
Wayne, PA
Sutton Place Hotel
“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lotion!!!!”
L. Gonzalez
Los Angeles, CA
The Canterbury Hotel
“NEVER stop making this product.”
C. Horton
Orlando, FL
Beau Rivage
“I had thrown the tiny little bottle in my makeup bag and didn't try your lotion until we were home here in Omaha. How I wish I would have known how fabulous it is! The maid's cart wouldn't have been safe!”
C. Curran
Omaha, NE
Hotel Monteleone
“I just wanted to say that your product lines that you supply for The Hotel at Mandalay Bay are wonderful...Often when I travel I take home the hotel samples after my stay, for my guest room at home, but this is the first time that I took the samples home to use them myself! So I felt inspired to write to you and say thank you for such wonderfully scented products...and my hair is loving the hair masque! I've made the one small bottle last for three washes!”
Liza Petrie
Mandalay Bay
“I have ordered some of your other product lines and cannot wait to receive them. I have used Bath and Body products, however, now I am hooked on Gilchrist and Soames. They are awesome!!”
S. Tyler
The Mirage Hotel
“I recently stayed at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas and although I do not usually use hotel shampoos and conditioners I tried the Aqua Lime line because of the refreshing smell. I found that both of these products worked well both there and at home in Maryland...As a cosmetologist I do not normally use anything but professional products. That, in itself, is quite a testament to your product, the first hotel shampoo I found and tried in 20+ years in the business.”
J. Lancaster
The Mirage Hotel
“I received a Gilchrist & Soames Gift Bag for Christmas. I just wanted to mention that I was thoroughly impressed with this line of products. I have not found anything that had the natural extracts you use. Please don’t change a thing unless improving. I am looking forward to trying the full line.”
Maria R-Moyet
Hollywood, FL
“I just wanted to let you know that I find your shampoo and conditioner products superior to salon and store brands. I first tried the products while in Las Vegas. I am so glad that you will sell the product directly to individual consumers.”
J. Ammerman
Beverly Farms, MA

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